Beauty Bundle

Beauty Bundle

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  • Promotes Brighter, Even Complexion
  • Boosts Hair and Nail Growth
  • Soothes Blemishes and Dry Skin

What Is the Beauty Bundle?

Cosmetics, concealers, lotions, balms, serums — there are a lot of things people use to improve hair, skin, and nail appearance. But did you know that having healthy, radiant hair, skin, and nails starts below the surface at the cellular level? One of the most important — and overlooked — aspects is making sure that you regularly get all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients you need. Our Beauty Bundle is the perfect way to achieve your beauty goals. This bundle is crafted with vegan, cruelty-free supplements and skin care products that will promote glowing skin, boost hair and nail growth, and protect against sun damage. It’s the best addition to your daily self-care routine!

Health Benefits of the Beauty Bundle

We’re always here to help you reach your health goals. Here are the top benefits of this bundle to get you looking and feeling your best!

Shiny, Healthy Hair

Do you have brittle, dry hair that’s coarse and dull? Biotin is an essential nutrient that supports healthy hair from the inside out, as well as speeding up hair growth.

Clear, Glowing Complexion

Are you fed up with blemishes, uneven complexion, or dull skin? O2-Zap and Suntrex D3 provide the nutrients and antioxidants that deeply nourish your skin.

Thick, Strong Nails

Make frustratingly weak, cracked nails a thing of the past. Biotin can thicken cuticles, discourage breakage, and speed up healthy nail growth.

What’s in the Beauty Bundle?

Take each supplement as directed on the label.


1 Bottle

Biotin, also known as vitamin B-7, helps your body produce elastin and keratin — two proteins that make up your skin’s internal structure and give it form and bounce. Our plant-based Biotin is extracted from organic Sesbania and includes natural cofactors and co-nutrients that enhance its bioavailability and help your body efficiently absorb and use it.


1 Bottle

Whether you’ve got cuts, scrapes, bug bites, or blemishes, O2-Zap is the answer. It’s ozonated olive oil with a lotion-like consistency and delivers hydration that penetrates deep for maximum therapeutic action. This powerful formula reduces redness, calms itching, promotes healing, and naturally soothes and moisturizes. Whatever your desire or skin type, it’s the perfect safe and natural solution.

Suntrex D3

1 Bottle

Often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D assists with the growth of healthy cells to promote glowing, blemish-free skin, and it even helps protect against sun damage. Suntrex D3 is a certified organic supplement that provides 5,000 IU per serving of D3 — the most biologically active form of the vitamin — in a plant-based formula that’s perfect for anyone.

What’s Not in the Beauty Bundle

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