1.2kg Himalayan Shot Glass Set of 4

Himalayan Shot Glass Set of 4

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Take mixology to a new level infused with the edgy undertones of Himalayan Salt.

A touch of Himalayan Salt will transform well-suited cocktails, spirits and liqueurs, creating an interesting conflict of flavour. Chill in the fridge or freezer to cool your liquid contents on contact, as salt’s thermal qualities retain temperature for long periods of time. Hand carved from pure Himalayan Salt, stunning to the eye and to the touch.

Approximate dimensions:

Height: 8cm Width: 5cm Depth: 5cm

Cleaning and maintenance:

Clean with a damp cloth. Avoid using soaps or detergents. Pat dry and leave to sit to allow any residual moisture to evaporate. Store away from humidity.



What is Salt Therapy?

Breathe easy with pure salt.

Salt therapy is natural, non-invasive and medically proven. Harness the therapeutic properties of salt to replenish the bodys natural mineral levels. Help relieve symptoms of health conditions and promote health and wellbeing.

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The health benefits of salt therapy in the home are celebrated by people all over Australia. Hear success stories of the healing power of salt straight from our valued clients.?

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