5.2kg Rectangle Himalayan Salt Block

Rectangle Himalayan Salt Block

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Effortlessly create stunning hot or cold dishes with the distinctive flavour and beneficial minerals of Himalayan Salt.

Use for grilling, searing or barbecuing to bring out the beautifully rich flavours of meats, seafood and vegetables. Use chilled to create interesting textures in ice-cream, fruit and desserts. The exquisite natural beauty of a Salt Block’s translucent pink and orange hues make a bold statement on the table when serving.
Approximate dimensions:

Length: 5cm Width: 20cm Depth: 30cm

Directions for use:

Use directly on your gas stove, grill, barbeque or in the oven. Heat slowly to minimise stress.

Chill in the fridge or freezer for several hours or overnight to prepare and serve cold dishes.

Read more about cooking with a Himalayan Salt Block.

Cleaning and maintenance:

Cool to room temperature before cleaning. Moisten with a wet sponge and scrub vigorously before wiping clean. Avoid using soaps or detergents. Pat dry and leave to sit to allow any residual moisture to evaporate. Store away from humidity.



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Breathe easy with pure salt.

Salt therapy is natural, non-invasive and medically proven. Harness the therapeutic properties of salt to replenish the bodys natural mineral levels. Help relieve symptoms of health conditions and promote health and wellbeing.

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